TikTok Launches New Season of its ‘Made for TikTok’ Marketing Tips Series

TikTok’s looking to help marketers get a better handle on the platform via a new season of its ‘Made for TikTok’ ad tips series.

The first season of TikTok’s ‘Made for TikTok’ content series was released last year, and featured creator David Ma sharing a range of tips and tricks to help maximize your TikTok performance.


The second series takes on a different tone – as per TikTok:

“For the second installment of Made for TikTok, we built a late-night talk show complete with interviews and comedy sketches, featuring a unique group of creators who all happen to work with brands professionally. Hosted by copywriter and TikTok creator Shannon Fiedler,our goal for this series was to help advertisers create TikTok-first strategies, with guidance from experts who speak the language of the creative ad industry.”


The series features interviews with ad agency folk and creators who’ve built audiences on TikTok, who each share the lessons they’ve learned in maximizing connection and engagement in the app.


There are some good tips here, and handy notes to get your TikTok process on track, with direct insights from people that are working on video creation every day.

And of course, every other brand is trying to find a way into TikTok at the moment, with the app continuing to grow, and drive major shifts in content consumption behaviors. Indeed, TikTok is currently on track to reach 1.5 billion users this year, while short-form video is also the fastest growing content format on both YouTube and Instagram, meaning that the lessons you learn here are likely universal, at least to some degree.

If you’re looking to optimize your TikTok approach, it’s worth taking the time to tune in. Each episode is less than 5 minutes long, and even if you feel confident that you know what’s what in the app, there are always a few notes and pointers that can help to get you thinking.

Also, the great Emily Zugay endorses it. Kind of.


Hard to say no after a glowing review like that.

You can check out the episodes above or on the TikTok for Business profile.

Original Source: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/tiktok-launches-new-season-of-its-made-for-tiktok-marketing-tips-series/625079/