15 Community Building Tips from The Social Why

  1. Hire a full-time community manager: with industry expertise, enthusiasm, and existing relationships.
  2. Focus on the welcome page: Build an area on the subject that will fit newcomers. Place the guides for beginners here and link them to the relevant discussion forums.
  3. Create a welcome guide: illustrating what members can do in the community and the culture.
  4. FAQ: Support the most common issues in a group platform FAQ.
  5. Start conversations focused on a problem: that most people are facing. Make sure that you post it as a direct question: “How are you coping with the issue?”
  6. Organize a live online event: with a specific discussion topic, a VIP, or a live tutorial for people who want to be better at the topic.
  7. Encourage and empower member columnists: Reach members who have made long posts, and ask if they want to write daily columns focused on that subject.
  8. Newsletter template: Create a standard template for the newsletter that outlines events in which people can get involved right now.
  9. Segment members: newcomers (0-3 months), regulars (>6 months), lurkers (<6 months) and inactive members (no visits in 6 months). Send messages that are unique to each party.
  10. Monthly theme: Celebrate a monthly theme and/or a quick poll.
  11. Link to social media: Post what happens in the community (popular debates, events/activities) to platforms of social media with links back to the community where members can get involved.
  12. Identify and target a sub-group: within your community’s topic to join the community. For this segment alone, create conversations, content, and activities.
  13. Involve executives and other departments to increase the value of the community: Organize a live chat with your boss, a couple of colleagues, and community members.
  14. Set up a member challenge: What would you suggest for ….?
  15. Keep member experience in mind: Arrange the navigation system by popularity.