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  • • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • • Social media management and advertising
  • • Email marketing and search engine advertising
  • • Web design, ecommerce, and analytics

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  • • Market research and analysis
  • • Target audience profiling and messaging
  • • Campaign planning and strategy
  • • Performance measurement and reporting

Creative Services

  • • Graphic design and content creation
  • • Copywriting and editing
  • • Landing page design and optimization
  • • User experience (UX) design

Influencer Marketing

  • • Influencer identification and vetting
  • • Campaign creation and management
  • • Negotiation of rates and contracts
  • • Content creation and approval
  • • Analytics and reporting

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TikTok Study 2023

RECAP: According to the article, video content tends to have the best type of engagement on social media. Video content is more likely to capture people’s attention and keep them engaged for longer periods of time compared to other types of content, such as text-based posts or images. Additionally, live video content tends to be …

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TikTok Implements New Usage Limits for Teen Users, Adds More Parental Control Options

TikTok is introducing new well-being features to limit screen time for teens, with a default daily limit of 60 minutes for users under 18. Teens over 13 can enter a passcode to bypass the limit, but will receive prompts at 100 minutes of usage. Users under 13 cannot opt-out of the hour limit, with parents controlling watch time beyond this. The updates also include sleep reminders, customized screen time limits, and expanded parental controls. These changes align with similar restrictions placed on Chinese youngsters to combat gaming addiction. The move could help TikTok present itself more positively with authorities and child safety advocates.

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Snapchat Integrates ChatGPT Elements into New ‘My AI’ Tool In-App

Snapchat has launched a new chatbot called “My AI” for Snapchat+ subscribers, which integrates generative AI into the platform and provides AI-generated responses to user queries. My AI, the purple-skinned character, can suggest birthday gift ideas, plan a hiking trip, recommend a recipe or write a haiku, among other tasks. Snapchat is the first social platform to integrate generative AI elements directly into its UI, which could give it an edge over competitors, as Meta and Google have yet to develop similar tools. The My AI feature could boost Snapchat’s subscription revenue, as the company has already seen significant demand for Snapchat+ subscriptions.

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